A Letter To Kimberley Karen


Kindergarten 1979

A few weeks ago I was struggling to fall asleep. Spirit lead me to get up out of bed and go to the basement to search for these pictures. I then began writing this letter to my inner child. I cried because it was long overdue. I owe her so much more…

1st grade 1980
My Beloved Kimberley Karen,
I searched for your school pictures tonight. I am up just staring at them. I never did that before. I couldn’t look at them and I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I let the world outside convince me that you weren’t pretty, that you were too dark. Kimberley, we are 47 now and I’m finally able to face you. I was so scared. I let them bully you because I didn’t know how to stand up for you when they called you all those horrible names and humiliated you in front of others. I’m here now to fight for that little girl who has been heartbroken all these years. I am here to tell you, you’ve always been pretty. You have always been smart. You have always been creative. You have always been amazing. I love you, you beautiful chocolate baby. I should have never let you carry this broken heart so long that it affected our self worth. I let us down. I spent all these years loving everyone else instead of the one who needed it the most… You Baby Girl.
Sleep won’t come because I owe you so much and it’s weighing heavy on my Spirit. I’m finally making it right. This hug is long overdue:
As I embrace you Beloved
I offer you protection… You are protected from the pain and hurt
I offer you love….You are loved unconditionally and it is unchanging.
I offer you safety. You are safe from harm. I will no longer let them traumatize you.
I offer you freedom. You are free from the fear that kept you trapped from having the life you deserve.
Kimberley Karen
Circa 1981

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