Sacred Word

We are Sacred Women, women of divine intelligence.
All that is glorious is born within us.
We call on the divine NTRU Tehuti.
We ask that you soften our words and lighten our tone
Please bless our speech that we may speak words of inspiration, words that heal.
Anoint our tongue so that our language be that of power and encouragement
Tehuti, grant us the strength to honor Sacred Silence.
Give us the wisdom to know when to practice and show us the value in stillness.
Please guide our thoughts so that we may know how to build and not destroy.
Guide our expressions so that we may speak to impart knowledge

May our voices be light as the feather of Ma’at with the strength to uplift our brothers and sisters.
May we never utter hateful words that shadow and condemn.
May we never damage souls.
Instead we shall administer words of medicine with love and in divine light.

We will honor your spirit and speak life  into all who hear our voices.