Where The Ocean Meets The Sky-Scott Jacobs


I’m reflecting on the mountains I’ve climbed and the challenges I’ve faced since 2019. I’m at the top now, but I need to rest. I’m tired. Baby, I’m so tired, I gotta cry for a bit. I ain’t gonna pretend to be no hero. I had help getting to this point and I’m grateful. I look back at those guides to give thanks. But there are things and people getting left behind. I have to go forward on my own, alone. I am ready now.

During this brief rest, as I look out on the horizon. I envision a new world of possibilities. It’s the world I’m to manifest. I set intentions to build and create my dreams. It’s the next leg of the journey. My dreams are different now. I’ve shed the old versions of myself that no longer serve me and my new dreams. It’s only fitting I shed the people and things that are still attached to and reflect my former self.

I’m a mature woman. I’m older and better. I’ve developed some wisdom. I’m getting comfortable with accepting her. I like this old lady. She’s dope.

I made the error of believing that the ones we choose to share our journey with are the ones who will be there for the full ride. I was their guide and had to let them off when I took them as far as I could carry them. I wrap and protect them with love. I wish them well. But now is my time. Where the ocean meets the sky is beautiful, so hold my beer, I’m about to step the fuck into that shit.

Looking ahead at the endless possibilities that await on the horizon.

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Sesheta Khepra Written by:

Sesheta Khepra’s purpose is to be a vessel, a healer for her family/village/community. She wants to share the lessons she has learned as she continues to grow. She tries to administer healing words with love. She uses her writing to encourage people to be their most authentic self, to heal herself and others. Her goal is to influence, to inspire her circle to be open and connect. She contributes by sharing the most intimate parts of herself; by being vulnerable and transparent. She offers herself as service to those around her. When she has a peak experience she is appreciative, reverential, connected, available and in the moment. She is balanced and peaceful. Her heroines are Queen Afua and Oprah Winfrey. In a best friend she looks for sincerity, sense of humor, someone with the ability to hold her accountable and provide her guidance. She feels her unique skill is using words and sounds to make people feel deeply. Her best qualities in personal relationships are forgiveness, patience and tenderness.

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