Ep.9-Killing of Nipsey Hussle:The Culture of Hate, Jealousy & Violence in The Hood

The Killing of Nipsey Hussle:The Culture of Hate, Jealousy & Violence in The Hood

In this episode

Anjy Dyer-Munroe @six_three

Jathiyah Holder @jaeiman_

Teak Pittman @luvnsum_teak

Sesheta Khepra @the_intimacy_junkie

discuss how the passing of Nipsey Hussle affected them. They were asked and attempted to answer: The culture of hate, jealousy and violence in the hood.

What work needs to take place with our men?

What do you take responsibility for going forward?

What is your connection and what is your plan of correction?

How are YOU treating Black Men?

Can they trust YOU?

Who will do this work to help them reach a place of loving themselves enough to have the capacity to love others?

Is loving Black Men through their darkness enough?

Where are the men who will come forth and tell us what you need?

What do they need?

How do we get the men to a place of healing?

Where are the men who can answer that?

What do you need to heal?

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