Let me sin with thee.
Shall we begin with position missionary?
As l lay before you
with my legs spread real wide,
my cunt begins to moisten
as ye enters inside.
Next we rotate our bodies
for oral stimuli.
You lick my pussy well
as I suck your dick dry.
We are so damn freaky.
We get a little wild.
You flip my ass up
for a little doggy style.
You stroke it from behind
with your finger on my clit.
“oooh baby I’ma cum, ohhhh shit!!!!”
I pin you to the bed
as I position on your dick.
“How do you wanna be fucked,
slow or really quick?”
I’ll pull you in deep ’cause
you like it just like that.
You’re ready to explode
so I let the muscle contract.
So before I start to flow,
your juice I cannot waste.
I bow down to the master
and have a little taste.
You scream out in pure pleasure.
I’m proud of what I’ve done
I grin a wicked grin
for that was just round one.