Life Lessons

So I’ve Learned and So I Live:

1. Work smart and not hard. You must always plan the work and then work your plan. It’s more efficient.

2. Always forgive. Don’t allow yourself to be consumed by resentment and bitterness. It serves no useful purpose and breaks your spirit.

3. Connect to everyone and all things. But be mindful of that which drains your spirit.  Strive to develop meaningful and intimate connections to fully enjoy experiences and people. Allow yourself to be open to connect.

4.  Live your most authentic life. Do not be afraid of being vulnerable and who you really are.

5. Always show reverence to people who deserve it. Honor those who have been impactful and inspirational no matter how big or small. We must always show gratitude. Be a champion for people you respect.

6.  Be willing to teach and inspire.  Offer yourself as service to others.  Provide guidance to those who need it.