Body Suction

I’m feeling really oral.
Bring your dick to me.
I’ll put my mouth on it,
so I can get busy
First I’ll set it off
with a head lick.
And with one smooth motion,
I’ll suck the inches quick.
Then I’d release real slow,
as my tongue glides to the end
Next with one firm suck,
I’d inhale your whole penis again.
I’ll quicken the suction on your head
as if it were my thumb
Keeping a steady rhythm
until you wanna cum
You begin to make soft groans.
I know it feels so sweet.
We’ve got all night, no rush
all actions I’ll repeat.
So you say to me that you
are feeling oral too.
Put your head between my legs.
You know just what to do
Lick my inner thigh
for an erotic tease.
Slowly move to my pussy
until I’m begging please.
Extend your tongue real long
until it reaches my clit,
and with feather like flutters
is how I want you to lick.
You got to my hole
and enter your tongue with a thrust.
Repeat this very motion
until I want to bust
Suck in all my juices
before it reaches my leg.
Blow on my clit a bit
until I start to beg.
My mouth feels real dry.
It feels like it’s been a long time.
Let me taste you again,
I wanna end with a sixty-nine.