Black Butterfly- Deniece Williams

Caterpillars have to go into cocoons to emerge as butterflies. I don’t mind this quarantine.  It feels good to me.  As an introvert, I am using this time to rest, recharge and reset.  Go dark to go home!

I take this time to sit still, sit with myself and face myself.  I see myself in my most authentic state as vanities get stripped away.  The ego that may have once protected me, can no longer be nurtured. The subconscious fears that once fueled my anxieties, no longer have space. Shift is happening. The world is experiencing a collective transformation and I embrace this moment. I shall emerge even more powerful.

I am ready for the next chapter, the new leg of the journey. It’s time! Things can not remain as they were. The Universe has been grooming me.  I pay close attention to the lessons and truths being revealed.
In order to create space for the new, I am purging out the old. Quarantine has granted me that. In this moment of stillness I see what’s for me and what isn’t.  Low vibrational energies are being cleared away so that I may receive my blessings.

I bathe in my truth, allowing it to cleanse me, so that I may live my most authentic life. I live life intentionally, with sincerity and become the best version of myself

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Sesheta Khepra Written by:

Sesheta Khepra’s purpose is to be a vessel, a healer for her family/village/community. She wants to share the lessons she has learned as she continues to grow. She tries to administer healing words with love. She uses her writing to encourage people to be their most authentic self, to heal herself and others. Her goal is to influence, to inspire her circle to be open and connect. She contributes by sharing the most intimate parts of herself; by being vulnerable and transparent. She offers herself as service to those around her. When she has a peak experience she is appreciative, reverential, connected, available and in the moment. She is balanced and peaceful. Her heroines are Queen Afua and Oprah Winfrey. In a best friend she looks for sincerity, sense of humor, someone with the ability to hold her accountable and provide her guidance. She feels her unique skill is using words and sounds to make people feel deeply. Her best qualities in personal relationships are forgiveness, patience and tenderness.

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