Expressions of My Heart

Why do I want you like I do?
I put everything on the line
by expressing my heart
You make me feel
when I don’t want to feel.
How could this happen to me?
I thought I was so in control.
You stole my heart,
though I gave you my spirit
If I could have my way,
I’d promise you everything you deserve
What did I do to earn you?
You are wonderfully sweet.
You are truly special.
Stay real.
Do you know you stimulate me?
My body quivers at the concept of you.
I can feel your presence
as I envision you.
You are the manipulator of my emotions.
You make me cry
when there are no more tears.
You make me smile
even though there is no laughter.
You make me happy
amid all misery.
I have to let you go
though you have my heart.
It hurts me just the same
to say goodbye even if I cannot.
I’ll leave with you
whatever you need.
Just ask for it!
For that which you ask,
shall always be given
So in the end,
let it be known
I gave you all
and it’s still okay

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Sesheta Khepra Written by:

Sesheta Khepra’s purpose is to be a vessel, a healer for her family/village/community. She wants to share the lessons she has learned as she continues to grow. She tries to administer healing words with love. She uses her writing to encourage people to be their most authentic self, to heal herself and others. Her goal is to influence, to inspire her circle to be open and connect. She contributes by sharing the most intimate parts of herself; by being vulnerable and transparent. She offers herself as service to those around her. When she has a peak experience she is appreciative, reverential, connected, available and in the moment. She is balanced and peaceful. Her heroines are Queen Afua and Oprah Winfrey. In a best friend she looks for sincerity, sense of humor, someone with the ability to hold her accountable and provide her guidance. She feels her unique skill is using words and sounds to make people feel deeply. Her best qualities in personal relationships are forgiveness, patience and tenderness.

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